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We have products like AC Axial Compact Fan, Din Rail Supply, Electric Axial Fan, AC Centrifugal Fan, etc., for all budgets!

About Us

Various electrical goods and supplies are designed by reputable brands to make our lives comfortable and easy. Network Inc, as a trader, importer and exporter, partner with such brands and harnesses on such strong relationships to meet market needs for products like Din Rail Supply, AC Axial Compact Fan, Electric Axial Fan, AC Centrifugal Fan, etc. A family-owned company that has been in business since 1995, we work under the renowned Network Group to serve numerous buyers not just in India but across the global market.

We planted roots following the vision of our founder who wanted to erect a business based on personal bonds and business integrity. Encouraged by his visionary thinking and rare business insights, we set up our firm to stay ahead of the curve by prioritizing long term wins over short-term goals. With our longstanding business, today, we make sure that buyers do not have to go through too much hassle while taking purchasing decisions of various innovative electrical goods and supplies.


Core values steering our business in the right direction are as follows:
  • Transparency: We concentrate on many details but focus most on transparency to better benefit our associates and partners.
  • Innovation: We exceed the expectations of all stakeholders and associates by embracing innovation in work.
  • Customer satisfaction: We observe various client centric practices so that all customers excel in their respective fields.
  • Passion: We conjoin individual energies in a way to encourage passion and commitment in work.
  • Teamwork: Our approach to success stems from combined efforts and fair team play of all our employees.
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